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‘Mark 3: 20 – 35; Hungry, Crazy and Possessed’ by Rachel Stuhr (3 July 2022)

‘Mark 2: 18 – 22; In With The Old, Out With The New’ by Ps Adrian Buggs (19 June 2022)

‘Mark 2:13 – 17; The Church is a Community of Saved Sinners’ by Ps Adrian Buggs (12 June 2022)

‘Mark 2:1-12; Humanity’s Greatest Need’ by Ps Adrian Buggs (5 June 2022)

‘Mark 1:35-45; The Good News is Uncontainable’ by Ps Adrian Buggs (29 May 2022)

This year, our Pastor Adrian, along with Ellie Elia (Uniting Church) and Joseph Lam (Catholic Church)  brought their congregations together to unite in following Jesus and living that out together.

Why did they do it? When did they meet? What does the local community think of Christians actually meeting up together? Radio station Hope 103.2 met with them to find out.

Listen to that interview here.